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Amazing art by Bka Onon
Hosted by Swiffix and ken

Welcome to National Dex Monotype Premier League III!

This thread may be used for tournament discussion. A bit of humor and memes are fine, but ken and I, as well as the Forum Mods, will make sure anything nasty or in poor taste is dealt with. Having fun doesn't have to mean making others feel unwelcomed.

The preliminary format for NDMPL III is the following:
  • SV NDM
  • SV NDM
  • SV NDM Bo3
  • SS NDM
  • Ubers
  • Threat
The managers and teams for this year's Monotype Premier League are:
All battles MUST be played either on Pokémon Showdown! or Smogtours ( No exceptions will be granted if another server is used.

Regular Season:

The regular season will consist of 5 round robin weeks where each team will play the other 5 teams one at a time. There are 6 matches each round, so ties are a possibility. Each week win is 2 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 and will be recorded on the spreadsheet.

The top 4 teams with the best records will move on into the playoff bracket where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 will play the #3. The two victors will move on to the finals, with the victor of that week ultimately crowned the first (and only) NDMPL III Champion!

Playoff requirements will mirror that of NDMPL II where your overall score will be comprised of week wins and total wins. Each week win is 2 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 and will be recorded on the spreadsheet. Playoffs will come down to week wins, total wins, and then a bo3 tiebreaker.

The tiebreaker will consist of 3 games: 1 SV NDM, the other 2 each being chosen by the participating teams. The lower seed chooses the first format followed by the higher seed. If both teams have the same seed, it'll come down to the head-to-head during the regular season.

If a captain wishes to substitute a player for an inactive one in the lineup, you must post in the week's thread who is subbing in for who. In addition, please make the post highlight the opponent and their Captain so everyone is aware of the substitution that has occurred. If ken and I feel that you are trying to gain an unfair advantage with your substitute, we hold the right to veto it.

Pre-Week Battling:
Because there is a set schedule generated at the beginning of the season, it is possible to accurately guess what players you will be facing in any given week. However, because the next week’s rosters are not set in stone until the day before the next week, there is no telling what a manager will do with regards to who they slot in one spot… especially if they have more than one player in any given tier. Asking to battle early for future weeks is essentially asking the opposing manager to short themselves options and forces them to make their roster early, perhaps without all of the knowledge they might have gleaned over the course of the week. Due to this, battling early for future weeks is not allowed. Do not ask to battle early for a future week. You will be denied. No exceptions. This is what you have substitutes for.

Activity Decisions:
There will be times when a game is not completed. In these instances, ken and I will undertake our duty as hosts to make a thorough investigation. If both sides made no effort or have tried to make every effort but could still not make the match happen, the match will simply result in a no contest. If one side made considerably more of an effort to get the match scheduled and done, that player will be awarded a win. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you do not lose your match via activity: Immediately leave your opponent a VM on their profile after you receive the highlight, do not miss you and your opponent’s schedule time, provide your opponent with concrete times (and your timezone) when you can be reached and reply to your opponent’s VM if they contacted you before you were able to contact them. We highly recommend scheduling via Smogon profile walls only as this is public information and strengthens our ability to make accurate activity calls. Scheduling via Discord or Smogon private messages is not public to the hosts.

Reverse Rulings:
Rulings will not be reversed unless it is immediately appealed and hosts overlooked a critical piece of evidence. After it is posted in the Administration thread, we reserve the right to reverse the judgment within 12 hours of the decision going public in order to get the best outcome of each situation.

Other general Smogon tournament rules apply, and any evidence of violating them will result in an immediate ban.
Draft date and order, as well as the schedule, will be officially announced soon™!

Good luck to the managers, players, and spectators for this year's iteration of NDMPL!
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Hello all, as you have all seen, Crossheart and I are managing the Pharloom Pheremosas for this year's NDMPL. I'm here to announce that we are now hosting tryouts. All we need is replays and we just like you to explain your thought process. Just upload the replays that best showcase your abilities, decision making, or reflection (also please, do not just swamp us with replays). Aside this, just come along and chill if you want. And with that being said, here's to a fun NDMPL this year.
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